Entered the room animation

This scene surprisingly did not take too long for me to make. The door, frame, wall, and floor were all made from cubes. I slapped some free materials on to them to add to make it look real. There are so many good free materials available!

The animated model was from Mixamo and I adjusted the pant material to be denim instead. The standard material was a strange metallic black color…

What I really enjoy about this scene is how you really only need to care about what you see in the view of the camera. Everything outside the focus from the camera is less important, so you do not need to spend time modeling extra items that will not be seen.

Here are some images of the scene set up:

Scifi Eevee Neon Arches

A simple animation rendered in Eevee. I made the arches by using stretching a cylinder and then using the triangulate, wireframe, and bevel modifiers.

The floor was quite simple too. I gave it a Musgrave texture to make things look a little more “imperfect.”