Panda 熊猫 🐼

Making this panda was a fun one. Again I reused all the parts from the cow and pig and adjusted it to make the panda. Reusing assets from previous projects really sped the work up.

This time I switched the previous plant out for a bamboo since I felt that would be more fitting. The bamboo came from CGtrader.

This panda was my first time using texture painting. So I needed to UV unwrap the body first and then start painting. 慢慢来。This was the tutorial that helped me:

Oink Pig

This was a fun one to make. I reused and resized the same body and scene from the previous cow that I had made. The head was actually made from a cube with a subdivision modifier added to it. For the tail, I first made a circle and then added a screw modifier to make the twists.